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About Sarv

 We are SARV Multiplex a venture of Sarv Prakash Developers, recently launched the 3 Screen Multiplex on 4th June 2010 in heart of Agra city with the large capacity of seats.

Redefining the world of movie-viewing experience………..

Sarv Multiplex in Agra is the most strategic establishment, both in terms of its location and amenities. The property not only aims to please young adults, but has evolved to be the destination for suburban nuclear families, being the best one-stop fun point with the experiences of cinema, gaming and fine food – all packed into one. Last but not the least, Sarv Multiplex in Agra, Uttar Pradesh is the toast of the lifestyle media and increasingly finds favor with the film fraternity of the city during events like special screenings, premiere nights, preview shows, star cast visits. Sarv Multiplex with its pioneering adoption of international standards of equipment which has changed the way the nation watches movies. The world-class Digital Sound, Audio and Projection systems, with seating ergonomically designed comfortably wider, having more leg-room than the present industry standards.



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